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NEL offers complete laboratory services including environmental testing and analysis in chemistry and microbiology as well as custom and standard media manufacturing services.

We have a variety of clients in various laboratory intense industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotechnology, health care and education.

With over 40 years of experience, NEL's goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, business partners, associates and employees.

Our friendly knowledgeable technicians and support team are on board to help with any of your questions, technical support and laboratory needs. NEL’s laboratories test seven days a week and provide rapid turnaround with immediate reports via fax or email. Please contact us with any of your analytical or media production needs. And remember to ask about our free overnight shipping, sampling supplies, tape lifts and swabs, and culture media.

Radon Overview

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas from the decay of uranium which can be found in granite and ledge. Inhalation of radon gas can potentially harm lung tissue possibly leading to cancer. Learn more...

Colorex™ Chromogenic Media

NEL is now manufacturing Colorex™ chromogenic culture media prepared with the original CHROMagar dehydrated media. Colorex™ chromogenic media products make bacteria detection fast and accurate. Learn more...

Water Testing Kits

Water tests kits are used to determine if your water source has contaminants. They screen your water to see what toxins may pose a threat to you. We have many available by request. Learn more...