Homeowners & Landlords

As homeowners and landlords, it's important to keep your family and residents safe from harmful environmental contaminants such as mold, bacteria and radon. NEL can conduct a full range of tests that can identify or rule out threats to your health.

NEL works extensively with home inspectors or property management consultants to help them identify any contaminants in your air or water. NEL also can work directly with homeowners if state law allows. Contact NEL for a list of inspectors and consultants in your area.

You may order a kit from our website by clicking here or calling one of our facilities. Payment for the associated analysis is due when samples are returned to NEL. You may drop your samples off to either of our locations in Winslow or Westbrook, ship back to NEL, or use one of our free drop box locations.

The Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention has two videos on YouTube about well water testing. Just click the links below to view the videos.

Available Testing Kits

Below you will find our typical residential testing kits. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us and we'll direct you to the appropriate place to find it.

Mortgage Approval Conventional Test

The Mortgage Approval Conventional Test provides homeowners with the information that they will need to purchase a home. It is the most comprehensive set of tests for your water quality.

The package includes the following tests: pH, Chloride, Hardness, Nitrates/Nitrites, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Coliform/E.coli, Lead, Arsenic, Sodium and Fluoride.

Specific Toxins

First Draw Lead: If you have an older home with lead solder used on pipes, you should test for Lead.

Fluoride: If you have children in the home and are concerned with their Fluoride intake whether over exposure or under exposure, you should test for Fluoride.

Iron Bacteria: If you see brown slimy staining in your home, you should test for Iron Bacteria.

Radon: If you live near large amounts of granite or ledge, you should test for radon.

Environmental Water Tests

You can prevent the contamination of your drinking water supply by monitoring surface water, ground water and waste water for coliform and fecal bacteria – specifically E.coli. We have TCMF, FCMF, and ECMF tests to detect indicators of disease and contamination.