About Northeast Laboratory Services

Northeast Laboratory Services is an accredited, full –service laboratory that is proudly veteran-owned and operated in the state of Maine. Our locations in Westbrook and Winslow provide diverse environmental and microbiological testing, as well as a wide array of mass-produced laboratory media products. Our clients range from private homeowners to large nationally recognized companies.

NEL employs approximately 70 full and part time laboratory technicians, support service personnel and administrators and has two facilities. The Chemistry Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory and Media Manufacturing Laboratory are located at 227 China Road in Winslow, Maine. Administrative offices are also located in Winslow, Maine.

The Food Microbiology Laboratory, Indoor Air Quality Laboratory, Radon Laboratory, and Asbestos Laboratory are located at 120 Main Street in Westbrook, Maine. The Westbrook facility also serves as a satellite location for all departments and is utilized for courier services daily to the Winslow location.


The business was founded in 1972 as Maine Poultry Consultants and later became Maine Poultry Consultants/Northeast Laboratory Services.

After a decline in the poultry business in Maine, causing the closure of Maine Poultry Consultants, the business served its environmental and microbiological products clients under the name of Northeast Laboratory Services (NEL) for the next several years.

In 1997, NEL merged with Binax, Inc. a Portland-based research and development firm. Binax/NEL operated as a separate entity to the Portland facility, complete with its own management team and accounting functions.

In April of 2001, the Laboratory was purchased back by its original founder, Dr. Kenneth Eskelund and Mr. Rodney "Beau" Mears, NEL CEO and President after it was decided that the two businesses did not complement one another and the merger was dissolved.

Mission Statement

Northeast Laboratory Services’ mission is to deliver accurate analytical data and superior culture media products to promote a healthy environment.

NEL's Vision and Values

At Northeast Laboratory Services, our vision is to provide "Answers for a Healthier Environment" through exceptional diagnostic products and services. It is our ambition to exceed our customer’s expectations while maintaining a safe, welcoming, and professional working atmosphere.

President & CEO, Mr. Rodney "Beau" Mears

Mr. Rodney "Beau" Mears has over thirty-five years of laboratory manufacturing and analysis experience. He is currently the President and CEO of Northeast Laboratory Services (NEL), a Maine based microbiology, chemistry and media manufacturing laboratory serving numerous companies and businesses both locally and internationally.

Formerly, Mr. Mears held the following positions: Vice President and Board Director with Binax Laboratories, a manufacturer of medical kits in the pulmonary field; General Manager of Meridian Biomedical, a manufacturer and analyzer of allergy and allergy therapeutics in Austin, Texas; and Director of Operations and Systems Integration at Ventrex Laboratories, a medical device contract manufacturing services provider.

Mr. Mears has participated and instructed in many Indoor Air Quality seminars including "Strategies for Conducting Meaningful Microbial Investigations". He holds a degree in Business Administration and has attended and taught various courses over the past thirty-five years. While in Texas, Mr. Mears also studied Biology and Chemistry.